Information for new starters

What you need to bring

Every session you will need to bring with you:

  • Wellies – we aim to take the children out every day so wellies are needed as the field and park get very muddy!
  • A warm coat and in winter they may need hat and gloves.
  • Spare nappies if your child is still in nappies.
  • Spare change of clothes in case they have an accident.
  • A comforter if needed
  • Forest school kit when required

Suitable clothing and footwear

Your child is free to wear what they like but do bear in mind they may get paint, food, sand or mud on them! Please make sure you consider the weather and make sure they have a suitable jumper and coat for when we go outside. With regards to footwear, please make sure that your child wears suitable footwear at all times such as trainers or shoes. No flip-flops, crocs or open-toed shoes. We also prefer your child to wear shoes without laces. We do our best to encourage independence with our children and learning to put shoes on and off is a big part of this. Young children don’t have the dexterity to tie shoe laces and they also tend to be distracted when we have story time etc. as they fiddle with their laces. Zip up boots are fine so long as if they don’t have laces on them.

Packed lunch

All day sessions include a lunchtime. Children bring a packed lunch from home and eat them together in a very social setting. If your child is only in for a morning session you can request a late pick of around 1.15pm to allow them to have lunch with the other children.

If you include milk, meat products or foods which deteriorate quickly in your child’s lunchbox then please provide an icepack!

Change4Life Lunchbox ideas

Progress reports to parents

Learning Journals provide a permanent record for parents to keep when your child finishes pre-school. These are available for you to view on the premises and provide information about your child’s progress. This information is also used, with your permission, to pass on details about your child’s progress to their Primary School. If we are the main provision for a 2 year old child, we complete a 2 year progress check.