Primary School Admissions

Primary School admissions can seem like quite a daunting task but hopefully the information here will help! The admission forms are sent out usually in the Autumn term a year before your child is due to start school. It is worth checking with your local primary schools when they have their open days as these sometimes start in September.

You can download an information booklet giving admission criteria for all primary schools on the Gloucestershire County Council website. This should help you understand the process involved.

It should be noted that Gloucestershire County Council state “Attendance at ANY Preschool group does NOT give a child higher priority for admission to a local school. Places are offered in line with the over subscription policy of the school.” Places are allocated by the local authority, NOT the primary school. Criteria for primary school admission usually are:-

  1. Looked after children (fostered or adopted)
  2. Siblings already at school
  3. Distance from school

There is an Primary School Places Allocation day usually in Mid April. Any questions please ask Anita or Jo, however the council website is very informative.