Sports Day 2019

This year was very different to last year, which was very hot and sunny. This year we had to cancel our first date due to heavy rain but on Monday 17th June although light showers were forecast, we decided to go ahead. All our children who want to take part, take part. We do try to group the children according to their “ability” at the time.


Their families and friends arrived and took their seats on the patio over looking our large playing field. The children were very good at waiting patiently for their turn to “compete”. It is a very relaxed event and parents can hold their child’s hands if it helps them to take part. It is always a very happy event, with smiles and laughter from every one. We love watching siblings getting up to join their brother or sister in the race. Some children get so excited they want to carry on running even though they have crossed the finish line!


We have a variety of events including running, egg and spoon and an obstacle course. Every year we tell the children not to hold the egg on the spoon and every year most do, one saying “but it stops me running fast if it falls off”. Although we believe that children do need to how to “cope with” losing or winning, at Sports Day we do not have winners or losers just lots of children having fun being active   and being awarded a medal at the end. They are always very proud of their medals and many continue to wear them a few weeks later.

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