Woodmancote Preschool Fundraising Update

As a charity Woodmancote Preschool fundraising is vital to help provide for our children. The grant money and funding we receive, covers the basic running costs and staff wages. Our fundraising helps us provide the children with toys, paints, equipment and also any additional provision required to support your children in preparing them for school.

Some settings restrict your use of funded hours to help make up the funding gap but we like to stay flexible where we can.

We have had a very successful fundraising year and we have reinvested this money and previous funds to provide the Preschool with some much needed equipment. You may have noticed our new portable coat rack which helps speed up the drop off time and allow staff more time to concentrate on the children. We have also purchased a new storage system which includes your child’s development folder. Please feel free to take a look through your child’s folder and if you would like to take it home to look through please check with their key worker first.

We have also invested in new staff uniform and you can now purchase the latest Preschool t-shirts for your children. We will hopefully be buying in new sweatshirts
soon so watch this space!

If you are able to help in anyway with our events, whether it’s helping on a stall or simply baking a cake, we would love to hear from you.
Email chair@woodmancotepreschool.org.uk

The Committee Mums
Sarah, Jess, Louise, Carolyn, Lianne, Gemma, Nicki and Claire

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